Measuring Wedge - ZMK

The Measuring Wedge ZMK from ZORN INSTRUMENTS in Stendal is a unique tester. It is used to determine the flatness of road surfaces in the transverse direction according to the test specification "TP Eben - Berührende Messungen" (Technical test specification Evenness - contiguous measurements), issue 2007.

The Measuring Wedge ZMK consists of high-quality, weather-resistant stainless steel and has a plastic handle that is both bolted and bonded. The stainless steel prevents the tester wearing prematurely due to abrasion during material contact. It also offers high-quality corrosion protection.

The engraved scale can be read very easily from above. As such optimal photographs can be taken for documentation. The Measuring Wedge weighs 1.34 kilograms, is 35 millimetres wide and has a measuring range from 2 to 27 millimetres. The reading accuracy is 0.1 or 0.5 millimetres depending on customer requirements.


The Measuring Wedge ZMK from ZORN INSTRUMENTS consists of high-quality, robust, corrosion-resistant stainless steel as well as a bolted and additionally bonded plastic handle. It is available with a pouch and a belt. Both accessories are made of high-quality, stitched leather. They make possible the convenient and safe transport of the measuring instrument.

Technical data

Weight: 1.34 kilograms
Width: 35 millimetres
Measuring range: 2 to 27 millimetres
Reading accuracy: 0.1 millimetres

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