Corporate philosophy

ZORN INSTRUMENTS is characterised by innovation, motivation, quality consciousness and service for the customer. The company relies on highly qualified, motivated employees, coupled with the latest means of production. In this way it is possible to forge ahead with our ideas and products and to fulfil the expectations placed on us. The partnership-based collaboration with our customers is the focus of our day-to-day actions.

ZORN INSTRUMENTS was founded in 1870 in Stendal (Saxony-Anhalt/Altmark) and is managed today in the fifth generation by Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. Bianca Zorn, General Manager and co-owner. The more than 40 permanent employees manufacture, along with the measuring devices for road construction and material testers, also OEM products for medical technology, the automotive industry and other industrial customers.

The focus on our employees

Sustainability & stability

Along with the latest machinery, well thought-out manufacturing processes and complete production documentation, above all it is the people who have made ZORN INSTRUMENTS successful for 150 years.

Values held over the years such as the sustainable and resource-conserving production of our products are just as important as a trusting and sustained relationship with our employees and customers. Personal contacts, the sound training of our trainees and specialist staff as well as fair and transparent supplier management ensure the constantly high, professional product and service quality from ZORN INSTRUMENTS.





Around 50 percent of the products manufactured by ZORN Instruments are exported to more than 80 countries. Along with complex CNC-based manufacturing, the family business has the luxury of an in-house development department. Often in co-operation with research institutes, such as the Fraunhofergesellschaft, time and again ZORN INSTRUMENTS presents impressive product innovations. The ZORN formula for success is: the use of highly precise precision mechanics, combined with controllers and software developed in-house to provide intelligent solutions for demanding customers. The company holds numerous patents and utility models.
The latest developments are the Asphalt Tester ZORN AT 3000 GPS and ZORN AT in a new design for a quick test method to assess the suitability for traffic of freshly laid asphalt and the ZORN PF 2.0 Pressure Filter for the environmentally-friendly preparation of samples in sugar laboratories.
Especially with the devices in the Lightweight Deflectometer series ZFG for the dynamic plate load test as well as CBR devices, it has been possible to establish a world-leading market position in recent years. The company is regularly present at trade fairs and organises its own workshops, and that not just in Germany. The partnership-based collaboration of ZORN INSTRUMENTS with its customers, the highest quality and excellent service are fixed elements of the corporate philosophy.


Company profile

Development, production, sales and servicing of measuring devices for:

  • Determining the load-bearing capacity of soils
  • The Shore, Vickers and Brinell testing of metals and iron
  • The testing of rubber and plastics for hardness as well as impact and bending strength
  • The testing of construction materials for hardness and cube compressive strength
  • The wet-based testing of paper and pulp for degree of grinding

As well as the manufacture of precision parts according to customer specifications on CNC machining centres, including assembly of complete assemblies.

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