Web-based software for the Light Weight Deflectometer without installation.

The new web application for the Light Weight Deflectometer of ZORN replaces the old FG software, which could only be used computer-related. The new ZORN FG WebApp is available everywhere because it can be used on all end divces (online). You can easily and quickly import, edit and evaluate the data (already directly on site) and send it as a data collection or in the form of high-quality test reports.

Take advantage of the newly developed ZORN FG-WebApp.

One-time registration, get started immediately
You no longer need an activation code. Sign up today at app.zorn-instruments.de and get started right away.

No matter if you want to work on your computer in the office as usual or now with the WebApp also on your smartphone or tablet - the WebApp adapts to your end device.

Location and time independent
No matter when and where. The web-based application is available to you anytime and anywhere.

Offline use possible
After you have registered and logged in at app.zorn-instruments.de and then started the ZORN FG WebApp, you can also use the application offline.

Secure, independent and up-to-date
Password protected workspace, no extra storage needed for the software. Save only the files and logs as you need them. All updates are done automatically. You always work with the latest version after online registration.

Profile can be created in advance
Create profiles for the individual projects in advance so that you can access them on site with a single click.

High quality test protocols

Select one or more test protocol versions (statistical listing, individual and collective protocol...) as memory and print version.

The WebApp can be used for all ZORN Light Weight Deflectometers with SD card (ZFG 3.0, ZFG 3000, ZFG 3.1).

Register and go:

Instruction as PDF document
Use the PDF instructions to easily familiarize yourself with the new ZORN FG WebApp.

Make sure you have a license to use the WebApp. Otherwise, contact your dealer.

Digital advantage

ZFG ViewerApp

With the ZFG Viewer App from ZORN Instruments, you can transfer and display the measured values obtained during testing with the Light Weight Deflectometer on your tablet or smartphone. The data transfer takes place via WLAN. You can see the individual values and settlement curves and compare them with each other.

You can send the measurement results as a ZIP file by eMail, for example, to edit them further in the ZORN FG WebApp and to save and/or send them as test protocol(s). This function requires an active internet connection and a configured mail client of the smartphone/tablet.

GPS data of the measurement results, if available, can be viewed via Google Maps.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Mac App Store. Click here for the links.