ZORN INSTRUMENTS manufactures high-quality as well as durable turned and milled parts for products of different industries according to the exact specifications of the customer - for manufacturers as well as for the supply industry.

We manufacture prototypes, small or medium series, and are your competent partner for custom-made products. We can refer to customers in more than 100 countries all over the world. Our know-how from over 150 years of company history has made us a sought-after specialist worldwide.

Our experience in the development and production of prototypes and spare parts (CNC parts), the use of current 3D software and high-precision machine tools as well as good contacts to other manufacturers enable us to implement special customer requests quickly and professionally.


Take a look for yourself...

In the first video we present our skills in CNC turning and milling. So you get a small impression of what we can do. In the other videos we show you briefly and concisely workpieces that were designed and manufactured by us...

Download Flyer CNC Fertigung (only German)

ZORN designs turning device for Milchwerke Mittelelbe (Dairy plant) in Stendal

In order to make the production process in the packing station more effective, the dairy plant approached us with a new technical challenge. They asked for a movable turning device for 400 and 800 g cans. The "old" model already available simply no longer convinced the specialists. The new design of the "can turner" from ZORN was to be optimally adapted to the packaging process...and it was. The device, made entirely of stainless steel, was developed in close cooperation and scores with "the right twist" in applicability and functionality.

The Winckelmann path in Stendal (focusing the art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann) can be walked with the help of specially manufactured ground plates. The 21 ground plates with his milled face and the path pillars were lowered into the ground in June 2021. At a total of six stations, visitors can marvel at the life's work of Stendal's shoemaker's son.

We from ZORN were commissioned to produce the 20x30 cm floor plates. There is a lot of love in the detail: made of 1.4301 stainless steel, the surface was blasted before and after milling, matted and polished by hand, so that the milled texts and graphics stand out pin sharp. A great project!

Optimized spare parts in the shortest possible time - feasible for ZORN!

A spare part for the Sofidel company - more precisely a core printing machine - can no longer be delivered. This meant either redesigning the production line or finding someone who could rebuild and optimize this spare part. Our design engineer had nine days to disassemble the machine, record the individual parts, modify them and create the drawing, and then rebuild it. Challenge accepted and successfully implemented by the team! The new spare part could be perfectly integrated into the 24/7 producing line.

Special mechanical engineering

Food industry

We work for different sectors of industry

  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Design and development
  • Metal-processing industry
  • Food industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Furniture and urban infrastructure
  • Robotics
  • Health
  • Musical instrument making
  • Building construction and civil engineering
  • and others