CNC drilling

Modern machinery as a perfect prerequisite for your CNC workpiece

CNC drilling

We offer CNC drilling for the production of individual parts, small and large series of any complexity. We use various CNC machining centers for this purpose, which allow both simple drilling and complex hole patterns. All common materials and special alloys can be machined. We can therefore maintain high machining tolerances of up to 0.005 mm. The machining tolerances can of course be adapted to your requirements if necessary.


What is CNC drilling?

CNC drilling is a manufacturing technology that uses a computer with previously uploaded CAD files to control the drilling process. The advantages of CNC drilling is both high precision of the holes and hole patterns produced and the ease of scalability of the manufacturing process.

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Finishing | Surface treatment

  • Coating: galvanic component coating with: zinc, nickel, chrome, etc.
  • Anodizing of aluminum: in various shades or hard coatings
  • Surface treatment: brushing, matting, polishing, blasting, painting, powder coating
  • Heat treatment: +NT; +QT


Other services

  • Assembly of individual components/assemblies

  • Hardening of stainless steel components

  • Welding using MAG and TIG methods

  • Surface finishing by means of glass bead and corundum blasting


Assembly, hardening, welding, surface finishing