ZORN ZFG 3.1 | Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD)

Integrated WLAN

ZORN now makes data transfer via WLAN (Wi-Fi) the standard with the new model. The very popular ZORN WLAN SD card is no longer available. Compared to this, the integrated WLAN is more convenient to use. No fiddling around with different cards. Two clicks to enable WLAN in the settings: Done.

Background: fast online transmission of Evd measurement data is becoming increasingly important for LWD users. In 2019, ZORN successfully introduced the ZORN D plus, which connects the ZFG accelerometer to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. However, there is still a majority of users who prefer a "real" electronic box for their LWD. For you, the LWD 3.1 is the perfect choice: a customized measuring device with independent software. With the ZORN FG Software developed for this purpose you can work with your measurements, compare it to each other and prepare and save protocols and send it to the client.

Improved GPS receiver

For the LWD 3.1 we offer an improved, internal GPS receiver. This captures the signals from up to three different satellite systems (GNSS) simultaneously, namely GPS, Galileo and GLONASS. This improves the horizontal accuracy to two meters - compared to the three to five meters we had with GPS only (all values CEP).

As usual, the LWD 3.1 can be supplemented with a thermal printer. Further accessories can be found here.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Surface-finished mechanical components ensure durability

  • Testing in confined locations (e.g. bridge underpasses, pipe trenches)

  • Can be used without a loading vehicle or other auxiliary equipment

  • Unique, ergonomic catch handle in triangular design for better handling of the LWD, prevents rolling during transport. The handle is made in one piece, without welded joints that are prone to breakage (We provide a lifetime warranty on this!).

  • Bearing plate as standard with intelligent adapter spigot to changeover the LWD to a smaller 150 load plate or to dynamic CBR testing (lab and field)

  • Integrated calibration reminder and unique self-test for functional control of the instrument

  • Standard, powerful GPS receiver with coordinates display

  • WIFI transmitter for wireless, fast and secure transmission of measurement data from ZFG to Smartphone, Tablet or PC

  • Backlit graphics display with curve display

  • Optional quality thermal printer for printouts directly on site

  • Internal memory for approx. 10,000 measurements, simultaneous automatic storage of the determined data on SD card

  • Input of supplementary information (text input on the device)

  • Preloading impacts can be optionally switched off

  • Audible signal for confirmation of valid measurement impacts

  • Integrated plausibility check

  • Very short test duration of two minutes with very easy handling

Made in Germany | All LWD devices are completely manufactured by us in Stendal (Germany). Components and accessories are sourced from first class suppliers mainly in Germany.

You will find the most important details in our flyer.

In just 2 minutes you get the result

The operation of the LWD Light Weight Deflectometer is convenient and simple, as faulty measurements are automatically excluded by an internal plausibility check. This ensures that even a non-expert can operate the LWD professionally after a short briefing and perform precise measurements for soil compaction.

Perform measurements as usual and create full-fledged test reports with the ZOFN FG Software. Registering online once (after buying the software) is all it takes, then you can work on it at any time.

ZORN Light Weight Deflectometer - very easy to handle

The current LWD 3.1 is even more handy, lighter and, above all, more convenient than its predecessors. Just like its counterpart ZFG 3000, the simple menu navigation of the ZFG 3.1 enables even inexperienced users to safely perform and evaluate the dynamic plate load test. The ZFG 3.1 is an upgrade to the existing ZFG 3.0.

The Light Weight Deflectometer enables compaction testing of soils in the field of road construction, civil engineering, landscaping, bridge construction, etc. The Light Weight device is used to determine the dynamic deformation modulus Evd [MN/m²] (dynamic plate load test). This provides conclusions on the bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils.

The mechanical components of the LWD are surface-finished and thus robust and durable. In addition, we offer a case to accommodate the measuring electronics and the printer (optional). The measuring electronics is equipped with a data memory for more than 10,000 measurements. The mega-strong battery ensures long runtimes for smooth measurements on the construction site. The integrated GPS receiver is also included as the WIFI transmitter.

The LWD 3.1 is manufactured as an ergonomic hand-held device made of robust plastic. The power supply runs on four standard R6 batteries (Mignon / AA) for approx. 1,500 tests (included). Resistant full leather case for protection against dust and splash water is a matter of course for the use on the construction site. You will find all important details in the technical data sheet.

ZFG 3.1 Light Weight Deflectometer with electronics in case