Light Weight Penetrometer ZLR 10

The application area for penetrometers is the geological surveying of soils. They are used to determined layer boundaries during the investigation of the subsoil for building, bridge, road or other construction work, for verifying compaction work and fill, as well as for determining the bedding conditions in non-cohesive soils. Also, information on physical soil parameters for assessing the load-bearing capacity of the soil and for data on stability can be obtained using this device.

Special features

The results can also be used to determine the expected penetration characteristics of the soil because here there is a certain similarity between the penetration test and driving piles. Good information about soil can be obtained relatively easily and quickly using penetrometers. Soundings with the "Light Weight Penetrometer" can generally be undertaken on soil that is not too firm down to test depths of around 8 to 12 m. In firmer soils and at greater depths, the "Heavy Penetrometer" is to be used, and for soundings in a bore hole the "Standard Penetrometer".


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