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Trust, but verify

Continuous quality control has become an essential factor in modern infrastructure construction and maintenance.

Testing the bearing capacity of compacted soil and aggregates is required at the beginning of every project. Whether you are building the foundations for a new motorway or just refurbishing an existing road; the correct compaction criteria provides assurances both the contractor and the client.

With the use of the ZFG Light-weight Deflectometer from ZORN Instruments instant and on-site compaction control is simple and safe. Models of the latest ZFG generation offer valuable new features and greater ease of use.

Be ahead of the game, test existing soil structures before you start building. The ZFG can be used also to check the bearing capacity of existing grounds in minimum time. Whether this is virgin ground or previously constructed ground. The ZFG range can detect weak sections of the soil instantly and a decision to rectify the problem can be immediate.

Working with the ZFG range is simple. It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual with calibration data. Alternatively, our local agent in your country will provide free instruction and training.

As a precise measuring instrument a ZFG has to be calibrated on a regular basis. Please contact us or your local ZORN partner for advice.