Test equipment by application

Quality inspection on the construction site

At ZORN INSTRUMENTS you will find a whole range of useful tools for quality assurance on the construction site.

Among them, as flagship, the Light Weight Deflectometer for quick testing of the bearing capacity of compacted soils. For higher degrees of compaction greater than 120 MN/m2 EV2, as must be verified when laying ballast base courses, we have developed the Medium Weight Deflecotmeter with double impact force.

For particularly narrow trenches (e.g. in broadband expansion), we recommend the use of our ZORN Mini, which impresses with its narrow and oval load plate. Within a very short time even inexperienced users can test, print and archive the quality of soil compaction with this handy measuring device.

Furthermore, we offer a Lightweight Penetrometer for the geological exploration of soils, a Plate Load Tester according to DIN 18134 for the determination of bearing capacity and deformability, a device for the dynamic determination of the CBR value (California Bearing Ratio) and a modified Light Weight Deflectometer for the determination of the trafficability of asphalt. With this worldwide only field tester (Asphalt Tester ZORN AT H VVA) for the assessment of the safe trafficability of asphalt surface courses, you can perform regular tests according to the specifications of the H VVA (Road and Transportation Research Association FGSV) easily, quickly and safely!

In addition, we have the only precise Measuring Wedge for the flatness measurement of road surfaces according to test standard "TP Eben - Berührende Messungen" in our product range.

Qualitätsprüfung im Bodenlabor

We offer dynamic variants of well-known laboratory tests for testing the mechanical load capacity of soils and mineral mixtures. In addition to the dynamic ZORN CBR (laboratory), for example, a modified plate load test with the ZORN LAB for determining the dynamic deformation modulus on classic proctor specimens. ZORN CBR and ZORN LAB are comparatively new approaches in materials testing for road and traffic route construction. From both tests, performance characteristics can be determined that are of great value especially in the planning phase for road construction.

ZORN CBR and ZORN LAB are therefore used, for example, in the conception and design of trunk roads. This also enables the subsequent use of the Light Weight Deflectometer as a quality testing instrument in the execution phase.

Training seminars

At regular intervals, we organize training seminars on our products such as our material and soil testers. The content of the further training seminars is, for example, the application of the ZFG Light Weight Deflectometer in theory and practice. In this practical seminar "Correct Measuring", you can expand your specialist knowledge in the field of quality assurance in earthworks by means of indirect test methods. All construction companies, engineering offices, testing institutes and testing authorities are cordially invited to these dates. Ask for dates.