Do you want to rent a ZORN Light Weight Deflectometer? It’s possible!

Already for some time, we have offered a rental service for our ZFG Light Weight Deflectometers (ZFG 3.1 or ZFG 3000) for our German customers. It’s handy when you temporarily need a device, e.g. while your own ZFG is at service or as a supplementary unit for a specific project.

A growing number of our international partners offer the same service for clients in their region. Please send us your request and we will forward you to the closest ZORN partner to help you out.

Capitalize on rental advantages:

  • Rental pool continuously renewed with latest ZFG Lightweight Deflectometer models
  • No investment risk for the client
  • No additional cost for servicing and calibration
  • Discounts for long-term rentals
  • Offset rental costs incurred against the subsequent purchase of a new device

(Not possible everywhere, ask your local ZORN partner!)