The "ZFG software" for the ZFG developed in-house at Zorn to meet customers' requirements is also downward compatible with the earlier ZFG Series (ZFG 02, ZFG 2000, ZFG 3000 ECO, ZFG 3000 GPS). The data transferred with the SD card can be selected by measuring ranges, localities and other parameters even during the read-in. The transmitted data are labeled and saved in different profiles. Once entered, the labels are automatically copied together with the profile during later read-in operations. The representation of the individual settlings and the corresponding measurement curve are each displayed in a specific colour can can thus be unambiguously assigned. Logs, overviews and statistics can be printed out and mailed, together with all labels, inputs and measurement data. Your previously inserted corporate logo is printed in the top right corner of every log.  

ZORN Fallgewichtsgeräte-Software zur Erstellung von Prüfprotokollen zum Dynamischen Plattendruckversuch mit dem ZFG.

ZFG Viewer App

Viewer for soil compaction quality data (Evd Modulus). Instantly review testing results for compacted soils and aggregates obtained with your ZORN ZFG Light Weight Deflectometer on your mobile device. Send data for single measurement points as plain text or in the ZORN „ZXZ“ format to any email account for further processing, e.g. on your PC with your ZORN FG Software. Connect GPS data from your ZFG device with Google maps.


Works on Android Smartphones/Tablets (4.4 up) and iPhone/iPad for ZORN Light weight deflectometer models ZFG 3000 GPS, ZFG 3000 ECO, ZFG 3.0 und ZFG 3.0 GPS. Usage of ZFG Viewer apps partly requires internet connection and email account installed to your Android device.

Measurements can be transmitted using an optional "Zorn WLAN SD-Card" using a WLAN connection to Smartphones/Tablets.