Servicing and calibration of the Lightweight Deflectometer ZFG

An in-house calibration stand approved by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) according to TP BF – StB Part B 8.4 makes it possible to calibrate Lightweight and Medium Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometers in-house. As such there are short channels between production, servicing and calibration. This situation makes possible quick service and short waiting times.

For our customers in Germany we would be pleased to provide a device on loan, free of charge, for the duration of the inspection and calibration of your Lightweight Deflectometer, if necessary. Upon request we offer a pick-up and delivery service or, if you wish, immediate calibration at ZORN INSTRUMENTS.

Calibration contact
Simone Lach
Telephone: +49 3931 25273-119
E-mail: sales(at)

Background to the calibration of the Lightweight Deflectometer:

The calibration confirms the precise and correct function of the Falling Weight Deflectometer according to the requirements of BASt and the correct design according to the standards of the mechanism, measuring technology and storage of the measurement data on the storage medium you require. A sticker with a validity of one year on the loading plate, falling weight and measurement computer confirms successful calibration.

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