Plate load test to DIN 18134

The Electronic Plate Load Device AX 01 allows simple determination of the load-bearing and deformation capacity of soils. The load settlement lines and the modulus of deformation Ev1, Ev2 are determined to DIN 18134:2001-09 or E DIN 18134:2010-04 (plate load test). Thanks to the splashproof housing, external buttons and a backlit display, it can also be used under inclement ambient conditions. Test logs can be printed out directly on site. The results saved on an SD card during the test can be transferred to the PC and are available for further processing under Microsoft Excel®.

Technical data of the electronic tester

Technical data of the electronic tester

  • Weatherproof quick-start guide, extensive operating manual
  • Easy operation with 4 buttons, display and menu prompts
  • Rainproof, sturdy design
  • Load plate diameter 300 mm, 600 mm, 762 mm variable
  • Lever ratio 1:1 to 1:2 variable
  • Resolutions: Settling 0.01 mm, normal load 0.0001 MN/m²
  • (in printout and saved), 0.001 MN/m² (display)
  • Battery, installed, 4.8 V, 4 Ah, quick-chargeable 2 hours, for approx. 48 h
  • continuous operation
  • Thermal printer 58 mm paper width
  • SD memory card for saving of approx. 200 tests, external USB card reader
  • 230V power supply unit and in-vehicle charging cable
  • CD with software for Windows PCs for evaluation using Microsoft Excel®

Technical data of the mechanical equipment

  • Direct measurement of the stroke to DIN 18134, compression force 100 kN,
  • Measurement with just one travel sensor
  • Also approved for pits deeper than 0.3 m
  • Hydraulic hand pump with pressure cylinder of 100 kN compression force 2 m long high-pressure hose
  • Load plate S355J0, dia. 300 mm with measuring tunnel, mounting for force measuring device and adjustable circular spirit level
  • Single-dial measuring bridge with extendable measuring arm and round feet for direct measurement
  • Plug-in extension set (overall length 650 mm)
  • Upper fixing magnet with ball joint (up to 60 kN )
  • Travel sensor holder 250 mm and 500 mm long

Dimensions: (Plate load tester)

  • Measuring bridge: LxWxH (min): 1150 x 340 x 260 mm, assembled approx. 2330 x 340 x 310 mm, weight: 13,9 kg
  • Height of cylinder: 285 mm, weight with hydraulic system: 9,5 kg
  • Load plate with force sensor: Diameter 300 mm, height 265 mm, weight: 22,6 kg
  • Extension pieces each 2 x 25 mm, 2x50 mm, 2x100 mm, 2x150 mm, total 3,5 kg
  • Upper ball joint with magnet 0.9 kg
  • Electronic measuring unit: 4,5 kg
  • Total weight: 54.9 kg (without packaging)

Scope of supply of the plate load tester

  • Electronics AX 01
  • Travel sensor
  • 230 V power supply unit and in-vehicle charging cable
  • SD memory card, card reader (Windows-PC, USB)
  • Software for Windows PCs for evaluation using Microsoft Excel®
  • Quick-start guide, operating instructions
  • 2+1 paper roll
  • 100 kN load cell
  • Complete mechanical equipment