The measured wedge ZMK the company ZORN INSTRUMENTS K. from Stendal is a unique instrument. With him is the flatness on road surfaces in the transverse direction, according to the test specification „TP Eben - Touching measurements 2007“ determined.
The measured wedge ZMK consists of high quality, weather-resistant stainless steel and has a screwed, glued plastic handle. The stainless steel prevents that the meter wears out prematurely by the abrasion material in contact. It also offers a high-quality corrosion protection.

An engraved scale is easy to read from above. This allows, for example, create documentation for optimal photos.
The measured wedge weighs 1.34 kilograms, is 35 millimeters wide and has a measuring range of 2 to 27 mm. The reading accuracy is 0,1 millimeter.

The measuring wedge ZMK of ZORN INSTRUMENTS consists of a combination of high quality, robust, stainless steel as well as a screwed and glued additional plastic handle. It is available with a bag and a belt. Both accessories are of high quality and stitched leather. They thus allow a comfortable and safe transport of the measuring instrument.

Weight: 1.34 kg
Width: 35 millimeters
Measuring range: 2 to 27 millimeters
Reading accuracy: 0,1 mm