A_Technical data sheet

Technical data sheet - HGIB Shore A


Scale value

  • 1 Shore hardness unit

Paint finish

  • Hammer impact


  • 100 mm high, 70 mm wide, 20 mm deep

Weight with case

  • Approx. 360 g

Test specimen

  • Truncated cone 35º

Measuring range

  • 30 ... 100 Shore A

Spring force

  • 55 ... 806.5 cN

Contact force

  • Approx. 12.5 N

Error limit

  • +/- 1 Shore A

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A test needle is mounted in the tester; the force from a spring acts on the test needle, the load for Shore A of 55–806.5 cN and Shore D of 0–4450 cN increases as the needle, which initially protrudes by 2.54 mm, is pressed back by this amount. During the test process, the device is pressed carefully against the test specimen with the stipulated contact force without knocks until there is clean contact with the surface. The hardness can be read after approx. 3 sec. of contact between the surface and the test specimen.


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