Light Weight Deflectometer ZFG 3000 GPS

The Light Weight Deflectometer ZFG 3000 GPS is the successor to our ZFG 2000 sold thousands of times. Away from the old-fashioned memory card in cheque card size with complicated installation of a card scanner and into the SD card and internal memory, even higher-capacity batteries and position fixing via GPS. A future-oriented representation of the Position using UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) safeguards the use even in future applications in pipework and cable installation.

Your benefits

Your benefits

  • Only compact tester with ergonomic triangular carrying handle (no rolling during transport)
  • Only compact tester with integrated calibration reminder
  • Only compact tester with self-test for function control of the unit
  • Only compact tester with GPS representation in UTM format
  • Only compact tester which can be expanded to include a dynamic CBR test (California Bearing Ratio test)
  • Only compact tester with SD memory card
  • Internal memory for 10,000 measurements
  • Variable text input
  • Activation of preloading pulses
  • with acoustic signal
  • Plausibility check
  • Backlit graphics display with curve representation
  • Automatic saving of the collected data on SD card or in the internal memory
  • Certified in-house production
  • Reliable Service department

Basic configuration

Settlement gauge incl. SD card slot, printer and GPS

Lastplatte (hochwertig galvanisiert)

Load plate (with high-quality galvanised finish)

Das Foto zeigt das 10kg Belastungsvorrichtung (Evd 15-70 MN/m²).

10 kg loading device (Evd 15-70 MN/m²)


Calibration log

Ausführliche Bedienungsanleitung

Comprehensive operating instructions



The measurement results from the ZFG 3000 GPS can be evaluated on site and at the PC. On completion of every measurement, the result can be read off from the large backlit display together with all the measurement curves and is automatically saved in the internal memory or on an SD card. Settling, mean values, the s/v ratio, the dynamic deformation modulus Evd, GPS positions and the text input for the test location are also shown on the printout on site. Up to 10,000 measurements can be transferred to the "ZFG software" on the PC using the SD card. Here the test logs are displayed individually together with all the information and measurement results, a summary of the log and the evaluation in a statistical representation. An interface to Google Maps allows visual representation of the respective measurement point on the map. The coordinates can also be converted into a UTM format. Documentation is therefore very simple and traceable.

The following is displayed:

  • three settlements with settlement curves and mean value
  • three settlement speeds with mean value
  • the s/v value as information on compactibility
  • The Evd value as deformation modulus