The dynamic plate load test with the help of the ZFG "Zorn drop weight tester" is used in earthworks, civil engineering, road construction and rail track construction. It is used to determine the load-bearing capacity and to assess the compaction of soils, loose base courses and soil improvement in accordance with TP BF – StB Part B 8.3.

The test method is suitable for course-grained and mixed-grained soils up to a maximum grain size of 63 mm. The test result is displayed in MN/m². The measuring range of the light drop weight tester lies between 15 and 70 MN/m². With the 1.5x impact load achieved with the 15 kg loading device, the measuring range is extended to 70 – 105 MN/m². This is required for heavy base courses in road beds and for ballast.

  • Road construction
  • Fast in-house self-supervision
  • Documentation for the client

Benefits compared with other measuring methods

  • Testing in confined spaces (e.g. pipeline trenches, bridge culverts, etc.)
  • No loading vehicle necessary
  • 2 minutes testing time
  • Very simple operation and evaluation
Anwendung des Leichten Fallgewichtsgerätes von ZORN INSTRUMENTS: Hinterfüllungen
trenches and canal construction
Anwendung des Leichten Fallgewichtsgerät von ZORN im Kanalbau