Hardness Tester HGiB Shore D

Hardness Tester HGiB Shore D

for hardness testing of hard rubber, perspex, hard plastic materials, etc.

Intended purpose

The pocket testers are used predominantly for quick, mobile hardness testing to Shore D for hard rubber, perspex, hard plastic materials, rigid thermoplastics, polystyrene, pressure rolls, vinyl sheets, Resopal, etc.

With this hardness testing method, a steel needle in the form of a point is pressed into the material to be tested. The amount of the penetrating resistance is indicated at a scale. The methods are standardised to DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240 Part 20 and BS 903.


The tester contains a test needle on which the spring force acts whose load increases for Shore D from 1335 to 4450 cN when the needle which is initially protruding by 2.54 mm is pressed back by this distance.

During the test process, the tester is pressed jerk-free with the prescribed contact force against the material to be tested until the surface is flush. The hardness can be read off after approx. 3 seconds of contact between the tester and the material to be tested.

Technical data

Scale value: 1Shore hardness unit
Paintwork: Hammer finish
Dimensions: 100 mm high, 70 mm wide, 20 mm deep
Weight with case: approx. 360 g
Test element: Tip 30º
Measuring range: 30 ... 100
Shore D Spring force: 1335 ... 4450 cN
Contact force: approx. 50 N
Error limit: +/- 1 Shore D