Premium test technology since 1870

Premium test technology

Trust in 150 years of experience at ZORN INSTRUMENTS

Our engineers in the development, design and production of measuring devices.

ZORN INSTRUMENTS stands for the highest precision, best quality and service.

Our products and our service are valued by customers all over the world. You can always expect from us the highest technical standard combined with the best workmanship and service according to your requirements. Our range fully embodies your expectations of "Made in Germany". 

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Using the ZFG

You obtain the result in only 2 minutes.

The operation of the Lightweight Deflectometer ZFG  is convenient and easy because, during its design and development, attention was paid to ensuring incorrect measurements are automatically excluded by an internal plausibility check. In this way it is ensured that a layperson can operate the Lightweight Deflectometer correctly after brief instruction and can undertake precise measurements on soil compaction.

The procedure shown below for the measuring process demonstrates the easy, quick implementation of the measurement that can be printed out immediately on the construction site using the integrated mini-printer and saved on the SD card for subsequent print-outs on a PC.

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Individual manufacture? No problem!

ZORN INSTRUMENTS offers special and custom manufacture for high-precision test products. 

Anyone who needs a specific measuring device for very special purposes is in exactly the right place at ZORN INSTRUMENTS: Here we manufacture precision products suitable for very special applications.  We have an appropriate solution for almost any test problem. 

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We would be pleased to share our knowledge with you!

"Modern field tests for compaction quality" workshops

We organise workshops several times a year under the title:
"Modern field tests for compaction quality" - quality assurance in earthworks using indirect test methods -

All construction companies, engineering offices, test institutions and test authorities are cordially invited to these events. The following topics are covered*:

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Test your materials thoroughly

Material tests and material analyses for metals - quick, reliable and competent. We provide advice about material testing and material selection. Talk to us! Part failures. Spectral analysis. Material analysis. Raw material analyses.


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