ZORN INSTRUMENTS will be auctioning off ZFG Light Weight Deflectometer Serial-No. 10,000

The auction will start on 28 Nov., 12:00 pm CET. It will be on for exactly 10,000 minutes and will finish on 5 Dec., 10:40 am CET.

We would like to invite you as our valued business partner to participate in the auction and secure this very special ZFG unit for yourself or your customers

#10.000 will be a ZORN ZFG 3.0 GPS, equipped with WiFi SD-Card for wireless data transmission, portable thermoprinter and air-cargo transport case ACC3. Three license keys for ZORN’s PC software for creating professional measuring reports will complete the offer.
The opening bid shall be 4,500.00€ (four thousand and five hundred Euros).

This will be an online auction. You can place your bid through a special website www.zorn-instruments.de/ZFG10000. A local notary will supervise the auction.

Where will the money go? ZORN INSTRUMENTS will donate the entire proceeds to Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal. This renowned University for applied sciences will use the money to finance a scholarship in the field of construction engineering. The anniversary ZFG will be presented to the auction winner in Magdeburg on 13 December 2018. ZORN, together with Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, will hold a lunch reception at the University campus. Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Minister President of our federal state Saxony-Anhalt, will join the event as an honorary guest.

Background: About 25 years ago the Dynamic Plate Bearing Test and ZORN’s ZFG Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) were first used in Germany. In 1992, technical standard
TP BF-StB part B 8.3 was published as a first directive; followed by a range of international norms including ASTM E2835-11. The new test method and the “German LWD“ have since become a standard test procedure for performance-based quality control in road and railway construction. ZFG Light Weight Deflectometers have been used in more than 80 countries.

ZFG history started in Saxony-Anhalt. During the 1980ies research efforts at the East-German “Central laboratory for roads” in Magdeburg laid the scientific foundation for the revolutionary test device. Opening of the borders in 1989 gave access to modern sensor technology and electronics. In combination with ZORN’s excellent fine mechanics, which had been grown over 120 years, the ZFG has been developed into a product, which is packed with scientific proficiency but surprisingly easy to operate. Today the ZORN ZFG Light Weight Deflectometer is a must at every construction site and has become part of the training of future construction professionals in Germany and abroad.