ZFG model 01, built in 1993 back for service and recalibration

These days a new washing machine will last five years, maybe, and most people replace their smartphones every two years.

Call us old fashioned but at ZORN INSTRUMENTS we love the fact that you can use our Light Weight Deflectometers ZFG really for long. Sometimes your entire professional life. Partly that is because a ZFG is robust and made to last. Moreover, we are constantly working to improve the manufacturing quality of our products. But, equally important are constant maintenance and re-calibration of the device. A Light Weight Deflectometer is a measuring instrument and so it’s all about accuracy. But, you know this.
We just received back for service, ZFG serial number 665 from a customer near Berlin. This ZFG, a model 01, had been manufactured back in 1993. ZORN was still at our old factory building in the city center. And, we still used that unspeakable German name “Mechanische Werkstaetten”. To tell the truth, this unit looks shiny and new, nonetheless. Hard to convince the owner that our recent model has “modern” features he might like… printer, GPS receiver, data export to his smartphone. Yes the new one, he got just last year. Well, have a busy summer Number 665 and see you next winter!
P.S. Calibration and maintenance service is available throughout the entire year. Just call your local ZORN distributor and get a personalized offer.