Representatives of the Latvian Forestry Administration visit ZORN

Using light weight deflectometers to test the compaction quality of soils in the foundation of roads can be very useful, especially when the construction site in question is difficult to access and other test methods, such as the static plate, cannot be carried out for practical reasons.

This is the case, for example, on forest roads. For economic and ecological reasons, these are usually graveled roads. They must, however, withstand the load of heavy timber transports and special-use vehicles, which can be a problem.
Latvia's state Forestry Administration Management has therefore developed its own standard for road building. Using this standard, the timber supply of the Baltic country can be developed in a secure and sustainable way. An important component of the quality assurance system is to carry out the tests using the ZORN ZFG light weight deflectometer. Over the past years, the Latvian Forestry Administration has developed its own target values (Evd) for various materials and installation objectives. Nearly a dozen ZFGs are in regular use.

Two representatives of the authorities recently visited us here in Stendal. They brought with them equipment to be re-calibrated and also took the opportunity to familiarize themselves with some of our new products. The ZORN Apps for mobile iOS and Android devices in combination with the ZORN WiFi SD Card were of particular interest. For example, using these the test results can be sent to the office by email in seconds. However, the visitors were astonished that in Germany high-speed network coverage is not available everywhere. Access to a high-speed internet is now a matter of course in the dynamic Baltic countries. Well then...