ZORN INSTRUMENTS donates 3,000 euros to Stendaler Hospiz

Traditional support for regional social organisations

There are social institutions and projects that are in principle indispensable. But they are not supported in the necessary manner by the state. Civic involvement is then necessary, by means of active involvement and also in the form of financial support.

ZORN INSTRUMENTS has produced measuring devices in Stendal and sold them all over the world for decades. The business is successful. Traditionally, the family business gives part of this success back to the organisations in the region. On the afternoon of 17 December, owner Bernd Zorn presented a donation to the Evangelische Hospiz der Hansestadt. Hospice director Father Ulrich Paulsen and senior nurse Sister Ramona Höppner-Nitsche accepted the symbolic cheque.

The Evangelische Hospiz Stendal
has helped seriously ill people at the end of their lives since 1998. The work of the hospice is aimed above all at care and palliative assistance. The hospice is reliant on donations for its finance.


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