CNC drilling

CNC machining centres

ZORN INSTRUMENTS offers CNC drilling for the manufacture of small and large series of components of any complexity. We use various CNC machining centres for this purpose.

As a consequence we are able to manufacture both simple bores and also complex hole patterns. Possible materials are for example: all common materials and special alloys.

Manufacturing options

Quantity:  Small, medium and large series upon request.

Size: Any size within our possibilities - see our list of machinery!

Tolerance: We can meet tight machining tolerances down to 0.005 mm. The machining tolerances can be adapted to the needs of the customer if necessary.


CNC drilling?

CNC drilling is a manufacturing technology in which a computer with previously uploaded CAD files is used to control the drilling process. The advantages of CNC drilling are both the high precision of the bores and bore pattern manufactured as well as the straightforward scalability of the manufacturing.

Feel free to contact us:

Dipl.-Ing. Ronald K├Ânnecke                                

Works manager                                                                        

Telephone: +49 3931 25273-14                                         

E-mail: fertigung(at)

Feel free to contact us:

Hendrik Nicolai

Team leader CNC

Telephone: +49 3931 25273-23

E-mail: fertigung(at)

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