Assembly - post processing

  • Coating: Component electroplating with Zinc, nickel, chromium, etc.
  • Anodising of aluminium:   In a very wide range of colours or hard coatings
  • Surface finishing:  Brushing; matting; polishing; blasting; painting; powder coating
  • Heat treatment:   +NT; +QT

Other services

  • Assembly of individual components/assemblies
  • Hardening of stainless steel components
  • Welding using MAG and WIG processes
  • Surface finishing with the aid of glass bead and corundum blasting

Feel free to contact us:

Dipl.-Ing. Ronald K├Ânnecke                                

Works manager                                                                        

Telephone: +49 3931 25273-14                                         

E-mail: fertigung(at)

Feel free to contact us:

Hendrik Nicolai

Team leader CNC

Telephone: +49 3931 25273-23

E-mail: fertigung(at)

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