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"Modern field tests for compaction quality" workshops

Quality assurance in earthworks using an indirect test method - all construction companies, engineering offices, test institutions and test authorities are cordially invited to these events. The following topics are covered*:

  • Presentation of test methods for checking compaction in earthworks
  • Applicable test specifications with latest additions especially related to the Medium Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer
  • Practical demonstrations of static and dynamic plate load tests
  • Practical analysis of the tests using the analysis software

The flat rate includes participation in the event, training documents, drinks and a snack.

*The items covered may vary slightly depending on the event


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ZFG with ZORN D plus

Traditionally, ZORN INSTRUMENTS markets the Lightweight Deflectometer ZFG in a design with handheld electronics.

The current ZFG 3.0 is even handier, lighter and above all more convenient than its predecessor. Just like its counterpart, the ZFG 3000 GPS, the intuitive prompts on the ZFG 3.0 enable even inexperienced users to undertake and analyse the dynamic plate load test correctly. The device electronics for the ZFG 3.0 are safely protected during the test in the leather pouch provided. Up to 10,000 measurement results can be saved in the ample internal memory and can be transferred safely to your PC using an SD card. NEW - ZORN D plus the wireless kit for ZFG Lightweight Deflectometers for Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.

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