Specifications and contractual terms and conditions for the dynamic plate load test.

Dynamic plate load test specifications: the Lightweight Deflectometer from ZORN INSTRUMENTS meets all specifications for the correct usage of the dynamic plate load test.


  • TP BF-StB Part B 8.3 - Road construction, Part E1 (Statistics)
  • ZTVE-StB 09 - Straßenbau, Tragschichten, Kanalbau (Road construction, base courses, sewer construction)
  • NGT 39 - Eisenbahnbau (Railway construction)
  • RIL 836 Deutsche Bahn AG - Richtlinie für die Anwendung des Leichten Fallgewichtsgerätes im Eisenbahnbau (Guidelines for the use of the lightweight deflectometer in railway construction)
  • RVS 08.03.04 March 2008 - Verdichtungsnachweis mittels dynamischen Lastplattenversuches (Compaction verification using dynamic plate load test) (Austrian test specification)
  • UNE 103 807-2 - Spanish test specification
  • ASTM E2835-11

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