Broadband, sewer and pipeline construction

The Lightweight Deflectometer ZORN ZFG is now indispensable as a measuring device in classic sewer and pipeline construction. The quality of the compaction of both bedding layers and the backfill in trenches can be reliably tested. Unlike penetration tests, with the ZORN ZFG there is no danger of damaging the pipes or cable just laid during the test.

If the usage of a penetrometer is planned, with the ZLR 10 Lightweight Penetrometer an easy to operate device is available to the user, a device that reliably meets the requirements of the current technical standards (in particular DIN EN ISO 22476-2).

Reliably testing bedding layer

During broadband deployment, clients like Deutsche Telekom or Deutsche Glasfaser require authoritative tests on the quality of the compaction. Along with the established ZORN ZFG  , construction companies can also use the ZORN MINI Lightweight Deflectometer developed by ZORN and manufactured entirely in-house. The ZORN MINI was specially designed for reliable quality testing of bedding layers and backfill in so-called mini or micro-trenches. In comparison to conventional cable trenches, these trenches are significantly narrower and shallower. With the ZORN MINI, the user can test trenches from a width of 120 mm and compacted filling material in course thicknesses between 200 and 300 mm just as conveniently as testing standard trenches using the ZORN ZFG.

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