Track construction

The Lightweight Deflectometer ZORN ZFG has been approved as a reliable instrument for track subbase load-bearing capacity testing for more than 25 years. The ZORN ZFG provides test engineers with authoritative data on the quality of the compaction and the assessment of the load-bearing capacity. Technical standards such as the earthworks standard from the Deutsche Bahn (DB) RiL836 require the usage of the Lightweight Deflectometer, along with other instruments such as the Static Plate Load Tester. Tests with the Lightweight Deflectometer are undertaken both during the construction of new track and during maintenance.

The short test duration (a few minutes) permits the usage of the device even on construction sites with trains passing through periodically. Loading plate and loading device can be separated for transport and can be carried by one person even over longer distances. Usage at difficult to access test points is therefore not a problem. Test data can be sent from the construction site to the office using the mobile app. This feature prevents delays during the preparation of the construction site documentation.

PANDA® probe

The PANDA® probe from France is an addition for track subbase investigations. The PANDA® probe, marketed exclusively in Germany by ZORN INSTRUMENTS, operates with variable penetration energy. It renders invaluable service in railway construction as an instrument for quick tests. The French state railway company SNCF utilises PANDA® probes as a standard solution for investigating suspected weak spots in the track bed subbase. The related applicable technical standard NF P 94-105 provides excellent orientation on its use.

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