Sports ground construction

The subsoil for sports facilities should not be excessively compacted. At the same time, it must be possible to apply an even load to the entire area, particularly football pitches or racetracks. Leading sports ground constructors in Germany, Switzerland and France like using the ZORN ZFG Lightweight Deflectometer for testing subbase compaction. In this way they can test the subbase for the complete facility with minimal personnel and within a few hours.


Time saving due to accessories

With the Lightweight Deflectometer you will reliably find weak spots and also areas compacted excessively. The test itself does not damage any existing structures. Because a very large number of test points are checked in a very short time during the investigation of the subbase for sports facilities, the use of the transport trolley for the ZORN ZFG is advantageous. With this useful accessory, users can reduce the time and physical effort required for transporting the ZORN ZFG between the measurement points to a reasonable level while testing large areas.

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