Soil investigation

Combine the ZFG and ZLR

The Lightweight Deflectometer ZORN ZFG is also suitable, to a limited extent, for the preparatory assessment of the subsoil. In this way the upper courses of large building sites can be tested easily for weak spots or unevenly compacted areas. Lightweight penetrometers are a proven aid in this application. The ZLR 10 Lightweight Penetrometer produced by ZORN is an easy to use measuring device and meets all the requirements of DIN EN ISO 22476-2.

PANDA® - Lightweight Penetrometer

For challenging tasks

The PANDA® Lightweight Penetrometer is suitable for challenging investigations of the subsoil, e.g. in preparation for large projects. The measuring device from France works with variable penetration energy. It therefore supplies high-resolution test data even if courses are weakly compacted. Its lightweight construction predestines the PANDA® for mobile use over difficult terrain. It is used successfully, for example, for subsoil surveys for future solar fields (free-standing photovoltaic installations). With the PANDA®, even horizontal soundings are possible, a very useful feature for instance during investigations on dams or slopes. In 2013, the PANDA® was intensively tested by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) as part of a research project and its use recommended.

To the PANDA®

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