Garden and landscape construction

Clients in garden and landscape construction increasingly require authoritative evidence of the quality of the compaction of the subbase for paths or driveways. The goal is to avoid subsequent subsidence in the surface layers (paving, concrete or asphalt) and the related expensive rework. Tests using the Lightweight Deflectometer ZORN ZFG are a simple but reliable solution here. The device is initially used by the construction company to monitor the work. Test records with the EVd measurement are reliable evidence of the quality work undertaken. In particular, municipal clients regularly also utilise the Lightweight Deflectometer to monitor third parties.

Verification of the quality of the compaction

In the ZORN ZFG there is a highly precise acceleration sensor. This sensor also permits the quick and reliable testing of the load-bearing capacity of existing or poorly compacted soils. Because each individual test only requires a few minutes, even larger areas can be completely "examined" before starting the garden and landscape construction work. Trust is good, checking is easier on the nerves. The Lightweight Deflectometer finds weak spots, irrespective of whether in existing subsoil or areas precompacted by civil engineering. Test records can be useful evidence in legal disputes. The tamper-proof storage of GPS co-ordinates in the test data increases the value of the evidence.

Perfect addition

Tests with the ZLR 10 Lightweight Penetrometer are a useful addition to work with the Lightweight Deflectometer. In particular, it provides valuable service while checking suspected weak spots. It is a very simple, manually operated device and permits the investigation of soil layers up to a depth of 6 metres. The features of the ZLR 10 meet all the requirements of the current technical standards (in particular DIN EN ISO 22476-2).

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