ZFG 3.1 | Light Weight Deflectometer | New model

ZORN's Light Weight Deflectometer comes with new features in a new design. The ZFG 3.1 is more comfortable and easier to handle than its predecessor. Just like its counterpart ZFG 3000 GPS, the intuitive menu navigation enables even inexperienced users to easily handle, perform and evaluate the dynamic plate load test. You can find more details here.

Highly precise test technology from in-house production

Users in more than 100 countries of the world trust the technical innovations from ZORN INSTRUMENTS

For more than seven decades, we have time and again developed and produced new highly precise tools for quality testing in industrial applications. Whether quick tests during road construction or classic material tests in the laboratory. With our combination of inventiveness, excellent craftsmanship and proximity to the customer, we offer appropriate solutions for the continuously changing requirements in the area of quality assurance.


Light Weight Deflectometer used to determine the dynamic deformation modulus Evd
Load-bearing capacity testing in earthworks

ZFG - Light Weight Deflectometer

The Light Weight Deflectometer ZFG for the quick testing of the load-bearing capacity of compacted soils is the flagship of the ZORN INSTRUMENTS range.

The current models ZFG 3.1 and ZFG 3000 are setting standards for the implementation of the so-called "dynamic plate load test" on the construction site. In only two minutes, even inexperienced users can test the quality of the compaction of courses of material applied. Existing soils can also be tested effortlessly for their load-bearing capacity using a ZFG. The usage of the devices is covered by recognised technical standards worldwide, such as the German TP BF-StB, Part B 8.3 or the North American ASTM-E 2835-11.

Your upgrade, also for older ZFG models.

ZORN D plus - the Bluetooth controller for your Light Weight Deflectometer

Do you now do absolutely EVERYTHING with your smartphone? Then connect the ZORN D plus to your ZFG. The ZORN FG mobile app automatically connects your Android or iOS smartphone to the Lightweight Deflectometer via Bluetooth. Undertake measurements as usual, prepare complete test records and send them straightaway by e-mail. Everything in one go. Of course, the app also works on tablets.

The ZORN D plus also determines the air temperature at the test point and warns about the risk of frost. The GPS co-ordinates of the measurement are determined directly on the loading plate. Photographs and information about the soil material tested, the weather or other conditions on the construction site can be added to the record easily.

To the Light Weight Deflectometer

Leight Weight Deflectometer | ZORN D plus

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We are happy to take over the design of your components (SolidWorks) or manufacture according to supplied design data. Our employees work at the highest level. Convince yourself.

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ZORN INSTRUMENTS offers special and custom manufacture for high-precision test products. 

Anyone who needs a specific measuring device for very special purposes is in exactly the right place at ZORN INSTRUMENTS: Here we manufacture precision products suitable for very special applications.  We have an appropriate solution for almost any test problem. 

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